Endodontic Treatment

Our dentists have extensive training and experience in endodontic therapy (commonly referred to as root filling) and can provide treatment in complex cases, such as the following:

  • Difficulty in diagnosing the cause of tooth pain
  • Problems anaesthetising a tooth for treatment
  • Access problems (the tooth is too far back or the mouth opening is limited)
  • Complicated root canal structure
  • Excessive root curvature
  • Root canals that can only be accessed through existing crowns or bridges
  • Removal of certain root filling materials

During your consultation for endodontic treatment, your dentist will assess your tooth, take x-rays and provide you with procedure details and costs. When you are ready to proceed, your treatment will be scheduled.

What is a root canal filling?

A root canal filling allows us to retain your tooth even when the pulp has been severely compromised.

Dental pulp is a mixture of nerve fibres and tiny blood vessels that may become inflamed (causing a toothache) or die off (causing an abscess). This can happen due to the presence of tooth decay or after trauma to a tooth.

The aim of the procedure is to remove the damaged pulp painlessly – under local anaesthetic – and to remove any infection that may be present. Once the canals have been cleaned and shaped they are filled with a special filling material. Once the root canal filling is in place, the top of the tooth is restored with a filling, inlay or crown.

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