Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to look and function just like your natural teeth. A small titanium screw is placed into the jaw bone to act as a new ‘root’ for the replacement tooth. This creates a stable foundation for the abutment and dental crown which will close the gap left behind by a lost tooth. Dental implants are regarded as one of the leading options to replace missing teeth.

The benefits of dental implants

Implants are an advanced and long-lasting solution to missing teeth. There are numerous benefits associated with having dental implants, including:

Confidence whilst eating The loss of teeth can sometimes make eating and chewing difficult and dental implants have been developed to resolve such issues. The implants securing your new teeth act just like a natural tooth’s root, holding the dental crown firmly in place.  Unlike dentures or removable dental appliances, implants are fixed and immovable

  • Reduce bone loss and improve appearanceWhen teeth are lost, the gums and jaw bone can ‘shrink’ eventually affecting the shape of your face. However, when a dental implant is placed in the jaw, this prevents shrinkage or deterioration of the bone. In cases where a patient has already experienced reduction in bone mass, implants can still be used by utilising modern techniques to increase the bone volume. The results of this treatment are transformative, improving the patient’s appearance, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits of dental implants over other methods of replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth can also be replaced with a denture or a bridge. Your dentist will recommend the most appropriate solution for your dental needs.

While many patients are happy to choose dentures, some people find them uncomfortable and inconvenient. Dental bridges are also a trusted solution to replace lost teeth, however implants offer the benefit of permanence and durability without having to treat surrounding healthy teeth.

The uses of dental implants

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth:

  • The replacement of an individual tooth An implant is placed in the jaw bone to act as replacement root and works to support the crown that will fill the gap. Unlike with a dental bridge, the neighbouring teeth remain untouched and no additional preparatory work is required

Replacement of an individual tooth with an implant-supported crown in the front region

Replacement of an individual tooth with an implant-supported crown in the side region

The replacement of multiple missing teeth (in a row) If you have lost more than one tooth, implants can be used to anchor a ‘bridge’ into place to fill the gaps left behind. This treatment often means patients can avoid dentures or can retain their natural teeth without the need for preparatory crownwork as required with a conventional dental bridge.

Replacement of several teeth using an implant-supported bridge in the front region

Replacement of several teeth using an implant-supported bridge in the side region

Replacing all the upper or lower teeth If you have lost all of your upper or lower teeth, multiple implants can be embedded into the jaw bone to anchor a bridge into place.  Alternatively, you could choose an implant retained denture. This is when implants are placed into the jaw bone and a denture appliance clips on and off metal clips attached to the implants. This allows denture-wearers to enjoy greater stability and improved dental function without the worry of their appliance moving out of place.

Same day implants

Losing your teeth can be a difficult experience, while waiting for them to be restored can disrupt your daily routine and can feel uncomfortable. At our practice, we are pleased to offer patients the advanced All-on-4 implant system – where you can enjoy a completely new set of teeth following just one visit.

With traditional implant treatments, a patient requires between six to ten implants before a bridge can be attached, however the All-on-4 system utilises just four implants and produces the same fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing results.

All-on-4 gives you the chance to get your smile back quickly and is less invasive than traditional implant treatment.

The benefits of All-on-4 include:

  • Less implants than traditional techniques
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure
  • No longer having to worry about loose dentures
  • Stable, fixed dental restoration allowing for better function
  • A new set of teeth in a day

This procedure is truly life-changing, especially if you have suffered multiple tooth loss and struggle with your removable denture. Enjoy eating and smiling with renewed confidence when you choose All-on-4.

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